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·Jun 12, 2022·

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Learning in isolation can be slow-paced. Relying solely on YouTube tutorials and books to learn can be frustrating and limiting in a number of ways. Books tell you the theory and never the real-life experience. Getting peers and mentors who can guide you on which books to read and what tutorials to watch can make you a 10x developer in half the time that it would take if you learned alone.

The solution is to find the right people to network with so you can exchange ideas and knowledge. It will help you grow quickly and also increase your chances to land your dream job offer over the recommendation of someone from your network.


There are two ways to build a network.

  1. Social Media Networking (Online)
  2. In-person Networking (Offline)

Social Media Networking:

It's time to start managing your profile more like a Software Engineer and less like an entertainer. Build projects, post them on GitHub and talk about them on your social media profiles so right people know that you are someone in the industry who’s doing great work. You can create accounts on LinkedIn and Twitter, to begin with then slowly move to others if you see the benefit.

These two social media platforms can get you noticed by industry leaders and if you get in touch with them you can learn a lot in less time. Link your GitHub to Twitter and LinkedIn and initiate code-related conversations on your profile and share the tips with people who are just getting started.

It will help you connect with tons of people and then you can filter out who are the right ones.

In-person Networking:

It can be daunting at first if you are an introvert like me but learning to network in person feels like a superpower. If you are a university student, do not miss the workshops and conferences happening on-campus cause most of the time there are outsiders there to attend the event and universities invite industry leaders as speakers. Even if the speaker is not as influential, chances are you will make some connections among the audience.

In case you are a self-learner or a professional you can join Meetup.com to find the meetups and activities happening around you to take part in. Attending Meetups, Workshops, and tech conferences not only gives you the knowledge but a lot of networking opportunities as well.

These were my two cents on the subject. If you wish to learn more about networking then there are plenty of video lessons and books available online. You can start off your networking journey by saying Hi! to me on Twitter.

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