Raza Jahangir
Raza Jahangir

Raza Jahangir


I'm a software developer based in Karachi, Pakistan. My main focus is web development using LAMP and MERN stack and I also build cross-platform mobile applications using React Native. I'm fascinated by blockchain technology and I encourage developers to learn and use it. Connect with me here and on Twitter to stay updated with the latest technologies and learn.


I have a decade of experience working as a Software Developer in Karachi. I have worked for various software companies, marketing agencies, startups, and multinational firms. The technologies and stacks I have used are the following:

  • PHP (WordPress, Laravel, Codeigniter)
  • JavaScript (NodeJS, React Native, React)
  • NoSQL (MongoDB)
  • SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB)
  • Blockchain (Ethereum)